"Good health is a catalyst for freedom of time, longevity, greater wealth, improved enjoyment of loved ones and our physical world! You deserve these wonderful gifts!"
- Coach Elle



Meet Your Coach, Elle White
Owner & Creator of the FitOasis Lifestyle

If you're here, you've taken the first, active step in owning your personal health and fitness--AWESOME! Exercise science and sports nutrition has interested me from a young age; as through trial and error, I began to educate myself and venture down the road of mastering my physique. In my adult life as a mother, homemaker, fitness model, blogger, sponsored bikini and figure athlete, wellness coach, foodie and yoga instructor, I have created a way of living focused on growth and personal exploration which I instill in each of my clients.

Personal health is priority one! Without it, how can we be the best we can for those that we love? How can we access our highest potential? How can we lead the fullest lives? Only YOU are responsible for the one-and-only body you must move through this physical world inside of. Treat it with love and care, and the rewards of health and happiness will be exponential! Here at FitOasis, we realize that you are beautifully unique and we work together to get to know you and create a program that works for the amount of time and energy you have to dedicate to making health and wellness part of your life, for life.

FitOasis is a destination we will create together. Embarking on a personal journey as a team, armed with all of the tools to live a whole and healthy lifestyle, we will form an internal oasis of inspiration to be nurtured and shared. Have a home gym? Are you a new mom or busy executive? Starting from square one? Athlete looking for off-season strengthening? Ready to take your body to the stage? I'm ready to guide YOU to or through YOUR personal health and fitness lifestyle!

Meet Your Coach, Kenzie Evans
FitOasis Lifestyle Co-Owner, Trainer & Coach

So glad you found our page! I am excited to meet you and help you become the very best version of yourself for you and your family! Health & fitness is part of my very core. When I was young, I watched my grandfather endure three open heart surgeries because of unhealthy lifestyle choices. My mother found it important to implement healthy nutrition and fitness in our lives at a young age. I fell in love with sports and since then I have developed a passion for health & fitness.

As I entered adulthood, I took my passion to new heights and started virtually training groups of people using social media and developed a brand for myself as well as many inspiring success stories. As I delved deeper into the fitness and health world, I entered the world of bodybuilding and as one of the first FitOasis athletes, placed in the top of my class as a novice NPC bikini competitor--living proof of the training model! I enjoy all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and can be found hiking in the mountains with my German Shorthair Pointer, Katniss, enjoying nature in any way I can. Or perhaps, sampling local cuisine or trying new, healthy recipes in my own kitchen and spending quality family time. With my dear friend, colleague, and coach, Elle Webb, we have since created the brand & company, FitOasis, and hope to help you conquer any wellness goals that you may have with a body-mind approach. Considering your personal physical and mental uniqueness, we create a program specific to YOU and YOUR life!

We realize that everyone has their own goals for their own reasons, and we are determined to help you achieve them!